Break The Mold

Once in a generation, a change takes place in the construction industry—altering the minds of industry leaders to leave behind what was, as they move towards what will be. This change starts now with our patent pending Spray Rock Building Systems. This innovative construction system allows you to build better homes—quicker, safer, stronger, more functional, more sustainable and more energy efficient—at no extra cost. Our sprayed on concrete and customized steel framing system provides groundbreaking technology that beats concrete block and wood frame construction on every count. The future is here. So go ahead. Build your dream home. Make sure it is built Rock Solid—the Spray Rock Building Systems way.

Build Safer

For over a hundred years, steel structure has been used for high-rise and large scale construction due to its strength and durability. Residential construction has always relied mostly on wood, and here is South Florida, the combination of wood and concrete. With the Spray Rock Building Systems you get the best of both worlds by combining the structural strength of steel frame with the wind load strength of concrete. The result is a shell that won’t rust, crack, warp, twist, rot or split.

The combination of our patent pending structural steel and sprayed on concrete system provides unrivaled strength, allowing our structures to withstand wind speeds of up to 250 mph from either tornadoes or Cat 5 hurricanes and to hold up to the brute forces of earthquakes up to a 9.1 on the Richter Scale. And since there is no wood in our structure, we reduce the potential of fire, mold, termites and toxic gases.

Building Greener

The Spray Rock System is (an extremely – remove) environmentally friendly building system in many ways. It takes 40 trees to build a typical 2,000 sq. ft. wood frame home and 15 to 20 trees for an equivalent CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) block home. The Spray Rock System requires no trees at all. Instead, the steel we build with comes from approximately four recycled cars. Recycled U.S. steel is just as strong as virgin steel – and reuses an existing resource rather than mining a new one. Plus, the Spray Rock Building System can achieve higher R-values than conventional CMU Block construction. The cavity created by the steel structure allows for the choice of insulation system—batten, blown or foam.  The CMU block system requires wood furring strips and only allows for thin fiberglass board insulation. 

Build Quicker

No one wants the building process to drag on. With CMU block construction, a variety of subcontractors are required – from the mason, to the floor and roof truss manufactures, to the interior framers. It takes an inordinate amount of time to coordinate the delivery and construction of each trade. If one component is delayed, the whole project is delayed. Additionally, much of the construction of the interior and exterior walls are done on site, mistakes are made and problems occur which can delay the project even further. When (you’re-remove) building with Spray Rock Systems, your exterior and interior lightweight structural steel framing is precision designed and manufactured in our factory, where a sophisticated computer system adheres to exacting standards. Corners are square, walls are plumb and floors are level. In the field, our framing system goes together quickly and easily- with an average 2,000 sq. ft. home being framed and sprayed in seven days! Plus with the precut holes in the steel framing throughout, the rough-in installation in exterior and interior walls of the electrical and plumbing are quicker and easier. No more wasting time drilling through studs and furring out exterior walls. 

Build Smarter

With all the advantages of Spray Rock System – and virtually no drawbacks – it’s important to note that, in terms of price, our system is highly competitive and will give a return for your investment. So make the smart choice. Choose to build your home Rock Solid. Choose Spray Rock Building Systems.