At Spray Rock Building Systems, LLC , we have taken traditional construction techniques and coupled it with patent pending insulation and cladding components to create a building process that provides unparalleled strength, speed and sustainability in the residential and commercial construction industry.

Spray Rock, LLC was founded in 2008 by two visionaries who recognized that traditional building techniques and materials were becoming obsolete in a changing marketplace.  The desire for stronger, more sustainable, weather resistant structures has become commonplace in today’s news headlines.  This is exemplified by the most recent catastrophic weather event (hurricane Sandy) that ravaged the northeast U.S.  We have seen homes and buildings destroyed because they could not sustain the punishment that a Spray Rock Building System has been designed & engineered to withstand.

However, knowing that you have a superior product that would revolutionize the building industry wasn’t enough to take Spray Rock where it wanted to go.  It was having partners with the right corporate structure, construction industry expertise in small and large scale projects, a quality built reputation, and the shared desire to make Spray Rock the national leader in shell construction.  That company also needed to embody the same characteristics of honesty, integrity and passion for excellence that John Francavilla and Larry Bartlett strive to achieve.

To accomplish this goal in 2012, Spray Rock developed key strategic corporate alliances.    These companies embodied all the key characteristics and passion of its founding partners.  The short list of companies that met these criteria were Cambridge Specialty Construction Corp, Contempo Design, J.D. Standridge, Gunster Yoakley, P.A., and Emilio Alverez Certified Public Accountants.  Each firm brings key knowledge and expertise which gave Spray Rock Building Systems a well-rounded team.

In just a few short months of developing the Spray Rock Building Systems team we has drawn the attention of government building agencies, established construction companies and the retail home developer interest in using Spray Rock Business Systems’  patent & patent(s) pending insulation/concrete spray application process.